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Slow down only during a POST but ever so slightly. It's always been like this, even when the computer was new. Not sure if my case fans also slow down (the ones connected to the fan controller) because the H100's fans are the ones I hear and the rest of the case fans are pretty quiet and hard to hear.

Note that this only started happening after I overclocked my 3930K from its stock 3.8 GHz to 4.0 GHz. Once it started happening, I keep increasing the Vcore but it made no difference. Now, even if I return to no overclock and reset all settings to the way they were before the overclock, I still get this issue. Lastly, it's only during a (random) POST and once I am in Windows there are no issues of any sort. Maybe I'll just live with it. It's been happening since December, 2015.
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