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Default AX850 going bad or something else?

I am having an intermittent BIOS boot failure during cold/warm boots or restarts. It happens randomly (i.e. not every time). Basically, on some boots/restarts, the computer will try to POST and then apparently fail and give me the "BIOS boot failure" message followed by options to load optimized defaults or enter the BIOS to reconfigure settings. All I do is enter the BIOS (which will be in a default state (i.e. with XMP disabled and everything else at default settings) and hit "save and exit" because the settings are retained but just not active. Once the computer is on and in Windows, everything is fine and I can do anything and there are no issues including long gaming sessions. It's only (randomly) during cold/warm boots or restarts.

One thing I noticed is that this only started occurring right after I overclocked my 3930K from it's stock 3.8 GHz to 4.0 GHz. I didn't change anything other than the CPU multiplier. It was a very mild overclock.

Here are the settings prior to the issue:

3930K at 3.8 GHz: 1.200 volts
DRAM (DDR3-2133 CAS 9): 1.5 volts
IMC: 1.000 volts
VTT: 1.05 volts

Here are the settings after the overclock and when the issue started happening:

3930K at 4 GHz: 1.200 volts
DRAM (DDR3-2133 CAS 9): 1.5 volts
IMC: 1.000 volts
VTT: 1.05 volts

Things I've tried to fix the issue that did not help:

1. Increase Vcore
2. Increase IMC voltage to 1.05 volts
3. Increase DRAM voltage to 1.525 volts
4. Replace the CMOS battery
5. Remove the overclock and go back to the settings prior to having this issue
6. Run MemTest86 for 4 hours which reported no errors

I searched on the Internet and it seems issues like this could point to the power supply or motherboard. Any help will be appreciated.

By the way, I built this computer in January, 2012 so that should give you an idea of the age of most of the equipment (other than the graphics card).

Edit: I also do not have any spare computer parts available to test with my computer.

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