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Originally Posted by Spizzi View Post
Can you expand on the process, steps by chance please?
This is a pretty rough guide, but should give you an idea of the process. Be really careful when doing this as your warranty will likely be void if any damage occurs while you attempt this.
  1. Open Up CORSAIR ONE by pressing release button on rear of system and lifting the top fan assembly.
  2. Disconnect top fan.
  3. Remove screws securing side panel to video card side of system. (Side panel has radiator for video card cooling system connected to it, take care to just move this out of the way while you're working on it).
  4. Remove video card (this'll involve a number of screws, take note of size and location as you work around the graphics card). Be careful of any cables connected to the GPU cooler.
  5. Gently remove graphics card (unplug power/PCIe riser cables).
  6. Remove stock M.2 SSD (make sure you backed up your data), keep it safe in case you need to replace the stock SSD for whatever reason.
  7. Install new M.2 SSD (note that if it's brand new, you'll need to install Windows 10 and drivers)
  8. Reinstall graphics card.
  9. Close side panel and secure to chassis.
  10. Reconnect and install fan assembly to top of chassis.

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