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So, we are finally getting towards build point now :-)

Have now decided that I do want/need a 240mm rad to go in the front of the case as well as the 360mm up top. Initially, due to this case being an open design I was thinking I might be able to survive with just the 360mm rad for cooling and fans at the front for additional lighting, but then I realised that since I do actually plan to spend some time playing with overclocking both the CPU and the GPU once this is assembled, that really means I should be looking at at least 4 120mm fan/rads (using the very general 2 x 120mm fan/rads per component you plan to overclock rule). Either way, I have the room, and before I start the tubing, now is the easy time to add a second rad.

I then found a couple of slightly better specced rads than what I already had, so they are now in a package making their way from the US to Australia :-)

Coolant has now been decided on and ordered, that's in a different box heading from a few kilometeres away to my house.

And the good news is that the CPU I really wanted, the 3950X has now started dropping in price after the evil and artificially inflated COVID-inspired price hike it has suffered from over the last month, so I am monitoring that now and once it drops into my preferred price bracket again I will be snaffling one of those as well.

I had previously decided that an AX1200i PSU was more than ample for my needs, but since then I have found a local retailer with some AX1500i units at a lower price, so I have my eye on one of those too.

1TB PCIE 4 NVMe stick arrived this week too, so now the last remaining item I need is RAM. I have my eye on what I want there too, just need to sleep on that for a day or two.

Am also planning to send PirateDog a few sovereigns as well and load up on some RGB and Fan extensions so I can make my cabling as tidy as possible. The downside of an open framed case such as the Conquer 2 is that there is nowhere to hide the cables so I will need to be clever there.

Its all starting to come together :-)
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