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Hi there,

I'm studying Computer Science in Germany. To gain experience, I've developed a fully working keyboard driver (Linux kernel module) for the Microsoft Sidewinder X4, to support extra keys + special functions and am currently working on the Microsoft Sidewinder X6 driver. After finishing the Sidewinder X6 support, I would have time to work on the Corsair keyboards, if Corsair is able to provide me a keyboard sample. At the moment, I'm quite busy with exams, but around Mid-March, I would have more than enough time to work on the drivers.

What I could make work:
- Out of the box working Macro + Special buttons; fixing Linux-specific bugs
- Profile handling and minor stuff

What you shouldn't expect:
- Corsair UI tool ported over to Linux (really, everything we need to create and assign macros to buttons is already done in Linux; we just need to support the hardware)
- A way to program "hardware playback mode" macros. This will need a GUI, to make it comfortable. Maybe in the future sometime, but I'm currently not experienced enough to program a complex GUI.

Eventhough this might not be the solution you're looking for, this will make the Corsair keyboard's special buttons, macros and other, major functions work under Linux. I have experiences in C programming and USB reverse engineering. All I need is just a keyboard sample to reverse engineer the USB packets, debug the driver, maintain the module and fix, whenever something's broken (like due to new functions in future Linux kernel versions).

Is there any Corsair representative (preferable german, just to make things easier), I could get in contact with? Just shoot me a PN.


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