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Default Profile Switch Delay on H100i v2 and Vengeance RGB RAM

EDIT: see latest post

Since the update to the newest version, whenever I cycle through my profiles (I have a button on my mouse dedicated to that), my mouse/keyboard/fans/LED-strips instantly change color, while my Vengeance RGB RAM and H100i v2 take 2 seconds to switch their profile. Previously, they changed instantly.

Same thing happens with instant lighting: everything changes instantly, except for the RAM lagging 2sec behind and the H100i v2 turning off its LED after 2sec.

This delay needs to be fixed, it used to be instant.

Sidenote: I still can not disable the LED on my H100i v2 manually in a profile. There used to be a LED on/off switch for it in Corsair LINK, please add that to iCUE. Even if I set the color to 0/0/0, it still has a faint grey backlight for some reason (used to be black/off in LINK). Right now the only way to turn it off is to apply some instant lighting - which is an ok workaround for my usecase, since the reason why I want the LED to turn off is for my all-black/turned-off "watching movies" profile, and instant black lighting takes care of that, although I would like to have that option in my mouse-button-profile-cycle so that I don't have to open up iCUE for that.

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