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Originally Posted by c-attack View Post
I think your H100i is at its end. Typically, you should not see coolant temperature (H100i Temp) go past 40C, except when in a very warm room environment. 57C is way out of bounds. The coolant and cpu temp

The H115i Pro is plenty of cooler for the 9900K. The difference between a 280mm radiator and a 360mm (H150i) dwindles as fan speed increases.

c-attack, thank you so much for this precious information. YouŽre probably right, thereŽs some mechanical problem with my H100i, and itŽs getting worse and worse. I noticed the difference from yesterday. Looks like IŽll have some hours more to shutdown, and from where I live, it will take many days to arrive a new water cooler. Probably, IŽll have to use another computer, or the intel original air cooler until the new one arrives. Thanks for the information about H115i and the 280mm radiator.

Could you tell me if H115i comes already with a small quantity of thermal paste, and if I should let it, or should I remove and use something "better" like "artic silver" or any other thermal compound in order to improve contact and heat transfer to the cooler ? Is an expensive and somewhat by here "rare" thermal paste necessary, or can we use the original one with excellent results ?

Thank you so much !
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