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Originally Posted by crashniels View Post
looking at gigabyte and msi it seems like their latest agesa update actually fixed a lot of issues and made the system more stable overall. but asus seems to have broken one thing in the process which is the ram (and probably something else too) :/. And one of the reasons i don't wan't to leave from my asus board is kind of the software. asus aura is much better then mystic light and rgb fusion. i could not get either of those to even work properly...
comparing aura to icue though is a completely different league.
they all have a public sdk but only asus' one works as far as i know and nobody from the discord could get msi or gigabyte to work. everything is a mess right now and i hope it changes soon.
hope i didn't cause any confusion here ^^
Thanks for the info!
No confusion, i got it.
Actually, Aura was the reason why i chose the Prime x370 too...
But being honest... the capabilities of a non addressable MoBo are almost inexistent compared to iCUE or NZXT's HUE...
So, actually, since i could never make the MoBo do something even remotely similar to what the fans and ram were doing, i turned off the prime's rgb.
The GPU is frozen in a permanent Whitish that matches the 570x logos and that's that.
I'm seriously considering an ASRock x470 TAICHI or maybe wait for "570" and see what it comes with...
But if there is no way to fix this and neither ASUS nor Corsair do anything and the Zen 2 isn't all the marvelous that it's supposed to be... i will have to drop either the MoBo or the rgb... and i really like my x370 (and thermaltake's Riing trio don't look that bad either...)
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