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Originally Posted by AdroG23 View Post
Hi guys
So, here's the deal.
Right now i have an ASUS Prime x370 Pro.
As everyone knows, the BIOS and new AGESA fck up with iCUE and you can't use it as you should. For me it's "Forget about controlling your RAM rgb".
I was about to buy either the H100 Pro or H100 Platinum, but decided to put that on hold until i figure out how to solve this.
I was trying to talk through the live chat in CORSAIR but, oh surprise, It's not available...
So i ask you good people:
Which AMD MoBo is working RIGHT NOW at full capability with that goddamn iCUE?
Brands i would rather prefer are GIGABYTE, EVGA, ASROCK. Not neccesarely in that order. (I'm leaving ASUS out for obvious reasons).
Please guys need a hand here, if there is no full compatible one then maybe i sell the Vengeance pro and get some Tridentz and move to nzxt, coolermaster or evga for the cooler. But since my original idea was to make a "Full Corsair" rig i would rather solve this the "good" way.
Thanks in advance!
You can always downgrade the BIOS. And as for Gigabyte and MSI if you install their software it will take control over the ram and can also cause a crash :/. ASRock is probably the most stable since it doesn't have that much RGB but i turn off my motherboard RGB anyway. I only use the Corsair software right now.
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