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Default CX550M annoying fan noise/vibration

Hello everyone!

I'd like to ask here first before doing anything else.

So my CX550M PSU will be almost two years old now. Bought it in July 2016. I had no problems till few months ago, so about September last year.

The fan starts to make really annoying whirring / vibrating sounds. This happens only after I did something intensive with PC (so gaming, YouTube, etc.), so essentially after the PSU had some bigger load to deal with.

It's definitely the fan in the PSU, I made sure by disabling every other fan in the case.

Searching on the internet revealed this is pretty common, and I decided to try to flip the PSU. Originally, the fan was facing down pulling air from bottom of case. This is where the noise was annoying the most. So I flipped the PSU few weeks ago so that the fan is now facing inside the case. This, initially, helped but that lasted only few days and the noise / vibrations are back.

I tried to clean the PSU and the fan a bit with compressed air, that did nothing.
But I think the fan is removable without opening the whole PSU and thus voiding the warranty? (correct me if I'm wrong). Should I try to clean it that way (pulling it out?) Maybe even replacing it?

What are my other options? I'm in EU, so there's 2 years minimum of manufacturer warranty, the CX-M PSUs have 5 years warranty. Should I wait two more months and then go for RMA directly with Corsair? I have bad experience with RMAs here in Eastern Europe. Usually, if they even bother to accept RMA (the retailer that is), issues like this, with fan noise etc., they take full 30 days to send the item back saying no issues have been discovered. I RMAd a Gigabyte GPU like this for almost a year.

If needed I'll try to provide sound/video

Thanks in advance for any helpful comments


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