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Originally Posted by DevBiker View Post
The pump has a USB connector that plugs into the headers on your motherboard. I'm not sure what "headboards" are unless it's a translation issue. You need to make sure that it's plugged into your header correctly. It's easy to have this off by a single pin, which won't work.

While the USB connector does allow for control of the colors and fans, as well as monitoring of pump and fan speed and temperatures, it's not required for the default RGB effect. As long as it has power via the SATA cable, it'll light up.
you were right the problem was that the USB cable was not well connected now I can see in icue my h150i pro.

but 2 doubts one is still about the h150i pro and is that in the icue I can control the speed of the fans but the pump is not, is this normal ? is working between 960 and 990 RPM

and the doubt that I have and I do not know if it would be too much trouble to ask here, but I do not know how to really call it, but there is some cable to duplicate the usb connections that are on the motherboard itself ? I ask this, because when connecting the h150i and hx1000i I have been forced to disconnect the usb 2.0 from the front of my tower then it was to know if there is the possibility of duplicating these connections with a cable.

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