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iCUE does have drivers for your hardware, so yes they get updated.

When dealing with hibernation/sleep, this can cause issues with the driver not reinitializing properly, especially when using the dongles. (My Dark Core mouse just went nutzy sending the cursor to upper left constantly after awakening. Pulled dongle, wait 5 secs (you want Windows a chance to update itself with the hardware change), then reinserted the dongle fixed the issue.) My K63 Wireless stopped reporting battery status after waking, but unplugging/wait5/reinsert the dongle fixed that.

Mind you, these issues never occur when I used BlueTooth connections, or wired, so I think either the driver is not resetting properly, or the dongle isn't resetting properly, which would be a firmware issue. Unplugging/reinserting the dongle would of course reinitialize it.

If you want to try a factory reset, instead of reflashing, power down the kb, hold down the lock key (next to the indicators) and then power the kb on while still holding it.

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