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Apophis3, thank you for the clear cut info and questions.

Yes, iCUE is the newer version. But the important question is: does it come with updated drivers, or are the drivers the same?

As there are no services running, and the issue occurs even if CUE is not running, this should be a driver issue. Or firmware, of course. Unplugging and replugging did not help so far. How long would you suggest I wait?

I have recently updated, and after that even force-flashed (in case something went wrong), the firmware. This did not change anything, either.

It is the wireless version.

Currently, I have the impression that even running CUE temporarily (manual startup, shutting it down before the next hibernation) will lead to the misbehavior of the indicators. Because I did not run it for a while now and so far the indicators work even after hibernation and complete power cut.
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