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Angry Corsair Void RGB USB - Distorted Audio

Hi People, looking for some help over here. I bought a K65 rapidfire and I love it so I decided to trust the brand and go corsair all the way, It didn't end up well. I had to exchange my M65 pro cos it wouldn't click out of the box and still can figure out the damn VOID USB Headset. On the one hand I had the CUE problem with steam voice that hasn't been fixed yet, the only workaround I found is to rollback to the previous CUE version. And on the other, and this is what I can't really figure out, I'm getting occasional distorted or saturated audio. The headset seems to be alright if i manually change the driver from the corsair one to the generic USB Audio Device driver that comes with windows, but I only get stereo audio that way, no 7.1. If you have the time listen to the attached audio file, it will makes things clear, its like some sort of distortion build that that keeps getting worst, dolby and FPS competition make it really obvious, but its there lurking in all the profiles. I had tried almost anything I can think off, short of formatting (IT guy over here, and been trying stuff for 2 weeks) and I also have two ignored tickets with corsair support (593488 & 597223), no good news so far. Any ideas on what to try next? It does look driver related, since switching to the windows driver gives me good stereo audio. Thanks in advance.

Some of the things I have tried are:

- Removing and reinstalling CUE.
- CUE previous version.
- Disabling onboard audio from the bios.
- Disabling all other audio devices.
- Switching USB ports, all over.
- Starting the PC without the headset hooked up.
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