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Originally Posted by c-attack View Post
I have a dual 280mm custom loop in place right now, so I cut the fans on one rad and fixed the others at 650 to try and approximate a single 280mm loop. Coolant rise for 20 minutes was +2.9C peak. My CPU temps doing the AIDA sine wave dance between 40-60C. The AIDA blend test just isn't that heavy in watts or temperature. I don't understand what you are seeing.

Make sure you are not running AIDA and iCUE at the same time. It is possible to configure AIDA not to interact with iCUE, but when you see improbable numbers, there is a chance they are improbable. To that end, whenever you get unexpected data back from once source, get more from somewhere else. Try another stress test. OCCT would a fair wattage equivalent, but since you seem to having difficulties, try the basic stress test from CPU-Z, bench tab. It is a linear load and relatively light. Intel XTU is another possibility and slightly lighter than AIDA, but also with the wave loading. A bad cooler is bad all the time. It doesn't care what you are doing or what program is in place. Idle, load, and everywhere in between. When you see selective bad results, it likely is a selective setting we are looking for.
First of all, that's a pretty dope custom loop you got.

I'll try out intel XTU and CPU-Z stress tests tomorrow, however at this point I've just been so frustrated with AIO's and their minimal cooling differences between high end air coolers. I've pretty much made up my mind to go D15. It's not that I refuse to figure out what exactly the problem is with the H115i or a software setting, but I just want the added reliability, and lack of software you get with an air cooler. I dont want to worry about liquid temps and failures and all. So even if I do find the kink here, I'll still be going the air cooling route. However, I will let you know the results of the other stress tests as soon I do them.
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