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Originally Posted by duckneck View Post
Hi, my bulldog 2.0 is arriving in the mail at some point (I have no idea when but it's probably sometime next week)

I have an Asus dual fan 1060 6gb graphics card and it's a pretty wide card, like 5 inches wide. I feel like it won't fit inside the bulldog machine but I really want it to fit inside the bulldog.

Ultimately, I'll know when the corsair bulldog 2.0 gets here but I just really want to know now... because I get antsy.

The dimensions of the asus dual fan 1060 6 gb is like 24x13x4.3(ish) centimeters for all that dimensioning.

I feel like it's a super wide card, is it going to fit? The height clearance is met (I THINK, I actually have no idea oh my goodness is the height going to fit?)

What kind of warranty is there on the bulldog 2.0? If I take out the motherboard and replace it with some new mitx board within the next year, whilst keeping that bulldog 2.0 motherboard in the static bag the new mitx board came in (for safe storage), am I voiding the warranty?

Just so many questions and while people think the bulldog 2.0 looks weird, I think it is literally the most adorable machine ever like a cute heavyset bulldog!

EDIT: Also whoa are there going to be heating issues? I plan on getting a 7600k, maybe I'll even try my hand at overclocking (probably not, I'm a lameduck who hates free performance), but even at stock, will I need to get a new air cooler? If so, which of them fit?

I'm not sure what the reviews and blahblah are on the h6 liquid cooler. Do I need to drain it or check for stagnation or something?
The ASUS dual card should fit in the Bulldog 2.0. As far as the warranty situation goes, the motherboard is intended to be user replaceable as new platforms come out, just hold on to the original hardware in case you need to do anything warranty-related. The H6SF should be able to handle an overclocked 7600K, but if you do need to go for an air cooler, some of the aftermarket air coolers out there look like they could fit (but would be starved for air).
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