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Default 2018 One Pro+ Crashing and Restarting Randomly

I'm not sure if this is related but for the lat month or so opening the My Documents folder would take 15 seconds or so to open. Nothing else, and I just got used to the sluggishness/tried doing cleanup to put less of a load on the machine.

Then suddenly my machine just started blue screening and restarting. Occasionally it will open to the MSI BIOS screen tho it's a guess as to which times it will. Can't shut down or exit BIOS if I try, have to press the power button.

I have done hardware checks using the Corsair diagnostic software and everything was fine.
I did as much general troubleshooting as I could (I'd say my level of knowledge is like tier 2 tech support? and I'm pretty good at googling. but I'm far from an expert).

There doesn't seem to be a pattern or precursor to crashing.

I discovered some Kernel 41 errors but I wasn't able to discover the cause. (there were a couple of other errors as well, but I can't remember. sorry at work, writing from memory).

I reset Windows while retaining my files and that seemed to work for about 1 day, but then this morning the machine worked for about 2 hours and then crashed about 10 times in the next hour while I was trying to investigate a solution.

I reset the OS fully, wiping all files and settings. Gonna see if that fixes it.

I'm fully outside of the warranty I assume. I read something about a recalled batch in 2018? Could this be related?

Any ideas? Not very encouraging that now 3 of the 5 most recent threads in this forum are about crashing systems.

Thanks for your help.
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