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Well, I thought I'd just update y'all on where this went...
Thanks to Corsair Jam I got a replacement organized which arrived today. That took 4 weeks.

To cover the one I sent back I had to go buy another H115i. This was a DOA - Rattled from the minute it was installed. It's going back too!

Oct 12th I received the replacement for the cooler that was the initial subject of this thread. Instead of sending me the H115i they sent me the pro. So now I've got to send that back.

The original I sent back had to include all parts, so that included the decent SP140L fans. That means if I were to accept the wrong cooler they sent me I'd have to go out and buy two replacement fans for the poor performing fans that come with the Pro cooler. They are $45 each, and to get 2 I have to go to 2 different stores as each only has one fan What a PITA!

I can't keep the SP140L's from the replacement I purchased because it's also faulty and has to go back, with all parts.

What a nightmare!
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