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Default H115i Rattling - 5th Corsair in a few years

My H115i is rattling all of the time. This is the 5th Corsair AIO cooler that has suffered this problem in about 3 years. They seem to get to 6-9 months then start rattling.

In Australia our RMA process requires us to send the units back to Taiwan, at around 80% of the cost of the original purchase price of the unit. ($123 AUD vs $155 respectively). So I've just been throwing them in the garbage one after the other. Seems a pointless exercise.

I thought it might be my usage patterns that are causing the problems.. I run the pump quiet mode most of the time. It only gets changed to performance when I'm rendering videos or playing games like PUBG.

The fans likewise are on very low duty cycles. Most of the time they are at ~ 350RPM. I use 2x Commander Pro's to manage the speeds of the 11 fans as loads increase.

Regardless of whether I return the unit to the re-seller or send it to Corsair I'm without a cooler (From my last one I did send back), for around 4-6 weeks. On an overclocked Skylake-X system, I need a capable cooler.

Needless to say, I'm starting to lose faith in Corsair coolers.

I can't go NZXT because it's incompatible with Avast AV, CAM software is extremely buggy and the telemetry thrashes hard drives/ssds and bogs my system down. And I've got 10 systems all running Corsair. 5 of Which are also using Commander Pro's.. So I have a significant investment in Corsair Products.

I would appreciate any advice or thoughts on this matter...
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