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My post was a reply to Dustin and was, therefore, a question for him.

My point is that if 500 people come on here and complain about link, that seems like a big problem, but 10,000,000 people are using it, that is a very small proportion. That is the way of forums? I realise that people come on here to solve problems and get advice and complain,(I never said otherwise) but that can give a skewed impression of any problems.

Much of your post is conjecture, I'm not saying that your wrong, you may be right, however it's just your opinion, just as many other posts on here are the opinions of their author.

I came on here because I had problems with Link and the H100i, after trying 3 of them, I got a refund and bought an air cooler. Then, when the H110i GT came out, I bought one and installed Link and it worked perfectly.

13,000 rpm fans? Does your computer hover in mid air? How do you stand the noise?

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