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Thank you for the input!

The solution I came up with probably isn't the most advanced engineering solution out there, but I noticed on the under side of the HD tray there is a lip exactly the same height as my SSD. My thought was if I can flush mount the SSD to the bottom of the tray somehow it would take up no more room inside the case than not having one there.
I pulled a HD mounting bracket out of an old laptop (since I cannot find for the life of me a simple 2.5" mounting bracket) and tested it's position with Zip ties. (for now)
Works Perfectly!!

There is even still room for adequate airflow to cross over the graphics card un-encumbered. (liquid cooled, so it doesn't matter too much, but every bit helps)

So until I break out my drill and create new mounting holes for the underside SSD the Zipties work great and I'm now up to 19.5tbs internal storage in my Bulldog. (1X 500gig SSD, 1X 12TB 3.5 HDD, 1X 5TB 2.5 HDD, 1X 2TB 2.5 HDD)

Also: (Side Note) Does anyone know if Corsair offers a 2.5 inch HDD mounting bracket (like the supplied) that will accommodate the taller 2.5 inch HDDs? The supplied 2.5inch brackets work great on standard 2.5 drives but when you get to 4 and 5tb HDDs they get taller and the brackets do not lock the drives in place properly. I'm a big fan of everything being nicely and securely mounted.
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