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Arrow We don't have the failure rate information

Originally Posted by HOODedAssault View Post
  1. Corsair would never post that information.
  2. I've been in these forums a LONG time.
  3. Their quality may have gotten better as of late but the fail rate of h100i and other coolers using that pump (water leaks, pump failure, link communication problems, air pockets)
  4. was significantly more common then asetek based coolers like h110, h105, h70 etc.
  5. You would see posts everyday of issues with that pump vs maybe 1 every couple weeks of the asetek variants.
I feel you need to post links to justify some of your statements. Is it possible the situation has changed?
  1. Yes, so how do you know your opinion is correct?
  2. I have also been around a while and of late suspect I have looked at more posts than yourself.
  3. The H110i uses a different pump to the H100i.
    1. The Asetek driver causes BSODs, see +
    2. The Asetek driver fails to handle sleep/hibernate correctly and you need use Device Manager to restart the device, see +
    3. I suspect it was CL3 and CL4 should be better.
  4. The h110, h105, h70 can't be controlled by link so link communication problems are impossible.
  5. I see far more Asetek H100iGTX/V2 etc. pump failures than CoolIT H110i/GT, but as I don't know the relative sales volumes can't make an objective deduction.
  6. The flagship Corsair One uses a CoolIT H0x50iGT cooler.
In summary neither of us has the information needed to sensibly comment of relative Asetek and CoolIT failure rates.