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Originally Posted by c-attack View Post
If you had some 3 pin DC fans set to PWM, they should have stayed at the maximum speed all the time. PWM is a constant 12v. The erratic behavior is not consistent with this. Your control curve and variable are set in the BIOS and this often defaults to cpu temp. That may very well cause erratic behavior. You need to go in there and verify things are set equally and perhaps find a steadier solution. Also, iCUE may not be the best source of verified fan data and duplicate motherboard data is common. Make the fans are actually changing. Make sure you are not running additional monitoring software.
Thank you again for your quick response. I took some pictures to help explain.

In the board explorer of my MSI BIOS. It shows sys fan 2 flashing on and off every couple of seconds or so.. This used to happen to sys fan 3 and sometimse both but in this circumstance it is only sys fan 2.. That is the first weird thing

Second weird thing in the graphs.. As you can see sys fan 3 should be at a higher voltage but it is very low.. sys fan 2 is bouncing all over the place when my system is idling in bios at 36 degrees.. what the heck is causing this..

I had my fans set to PWM for awhile, Could that have messed them up?

Is there a driver I should reinstall?

I have reset the cmos once and flashed the bios acouple times already.

Is my power supply failing!?
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