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I have an LG 34GK950F monitor and I've been having random flickering issues with the screen. After having been unable to fix the issue for months, I reported the monitor as faulty to the store I bought it from, and was on the verge of returning it.

However, I noticed recently that whenever I had iCUE selected as the active window, these flickering issues would instantly appear. This was the first time that I could actually reproduce the flickering at will. So, the flickering does occur randomly, but when iCUE is the active window, it will instantly occur.

Then I found this thread by recommendation and followed the instructions from Malheur above, and now my problems are gone! So I literally was about to return my monitor as faulty due to Corsair's crappy drivers!

I can't believe this thread is over a year and a half old and Corsair have yet to fix this issue! Seriously! I had great hope for Corsair when I bought their expensive keyboard and was planning to base my peripheral ecosystem around Corsair, but now I'm having second thoughts about this and may go for a different manufacturer instead.

Fix these issues and stop ignoring them!!
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