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Well, today I changed my PSU, I bought a SevenTeam 550-EAG, true power, 24 pins, atx 2.0, dual 12v rail (2x18A), this appear to be a very good PSU unit.

I just removed the old PSU and put the new one, it`s really strong, everything was working fine. I went to the BIOS to check the voltages, make some little changes on my memory timings, putting them a little bit more slow so I could give Dual Channel another try now with the brand new PSU. After reset and turning off completelly I put the sticks at Dual Channel setting.

After a new start, only beeps again... them I removed the sticks from Dual Configuration and put them back at B1 and B2. Boot again, and only beeps again... them I get worried... my God, what happened...

I removed one of the sticks, and left only one at B1. Mobo started just fine, run Windows without any problem. Changed sticks, put the other one alone at B1... everything fine again...

Results, the B2 slot also get completelly messed.. I entered in contact with the guy that sold me the mobo and I'll return it tomorrow and he will send me another new one... I'll pray for this one get really 100%.

Does anyone have any advice about getting this new Asus? The only one that I`ve is to try to get the revision 1.02, that appears to be the latest.
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