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Well, it may be the fan hub or it may be one or more of the fans. Unfortunately, the only way to really find out is to go through some tedious troubleshooting. Before I describe that, though, let's discuss how the fans work. Each fan is has both a Data In and a Data Out line and they operate in series - Fan 1 gets the signal in, sets its lights and then passes the signal back to the hub when then passes it to Fan 2. The Fan Hub facilitates this and provides power - it's really a super-simple device with no intelligence whatsoever - it just has a capacitor and some traces. That's it. It's entirely possible - and maybe even likely - that you have one bad fan that's taking the entire lot out. What you need to do is start with 1 fan at a time in port 1 of the fan hub. If it works, put it on port 2 and put the next fan in port 1. If both light up, the fan in port 1 is good. Keep doing this and validating that each fan a) lights up and b) passes the signal. Hopefully, by the time you are done, you'll have a second fan that also lights up ... put that on port 2 and check the first fan to make sure that it passes the signal as well.
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