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I am not familiar enough with the new 2700x to be sure of the expected max package, but that 50+ delta is pushing the normal limits. The 2.5C rise in coolant temp is certainly too low. Both of those do suggest the heat is not transferring out as it should. Not disastrous enough to cause terrible idle and meltdown when you open the browser, but not quite good enough either. Unfortunately, I just don't use AMD CPUs and have zero experience with that bracket to know the normal pitfalls. We need someone who has been using it.

If you don't get some more responses in the next 24 hours or so, re-post this as a new thread and a title that reads something like "AMD 2700X contract issue" or "AMD 2700x bracket help". The erroneous temp readings on the new CPUs have been a constant posting topic and I am afraid many people might overlook this as an already seen & read issue, based on the title alone. My mind was already leaping there as soon as I saw it.
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