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Most 2700X threads seem to focus on inaccurate readings from iCue/Link and things related to those being off.. or to which temp group the fans are assigned to. I just set it all to max instead, no curve, so I can test things thoroughly.

My issue is more that with the H115i on full blast I get a couple of degrees under the stock cooler, measured with AMD's own Ryzen Master under full load.
It's accurate enough that I now had one thermal shutdown while testing (it went over 105c).

Now.. I know the Wraith Prism isn't quite as bad as stock coolers used to be, but if the H115i can only shave 2-3C off during full load by comparison.. something could be off?

The liquid temp not going up much also makes me somewhat suspicious as I'd expect it to rise far more with heavier loads than it currently does and the air coming from the fans to be significantly hotter (it was the case with my 8350).

All this being said.. I'm still out of ideas. Going to run a full load test with fans set to 40% and pump to extreme to see if the liquid warms up any more than with the fans on max.

Again, thanks for the replies, mate. Anything helps at this point.
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