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Default CUE - Dolby Headset on/off changes DPI settings

I have a Void Pro wireless and a Dark Core (non-Qi) wireless mouse.

I'm running the latest version of CUE and have noticed that when I switch the headset from Dolby to Stereo mode and back, my mouse DPI will be reset to whichever default DPI I have set in CUE.

I have 400, 600, and 1000 DPI configured in one DPI profile. 1000 is the default. If I have the mouse set to 400 DPI and I change the surround setting on the headset, my mouse will be set to 1000 DPI...

I worked around it by having only one DPI active per profile, so it won't change. But I found this odd that changing a setting on the headset affects a setting on the mouse.

I don't remember this being an issue before, but I just noticed it yesterday after playing around in CUE.

Anyone else experience this issue?
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