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Default RMA for different product?

I have two Corsair Force F80 solid state drives. I bought both them for use on Mac systems, and they have always had persistent problems with hibernate mode causing he gray screen of death whenever I tried to resume.

I waited it out, hoping new firmware updates would resolve the problem, dealing with the issue frequently & avoiding hibernate mode whenever I could.

However, I continue to have these problems & its clear no updated firmware will ever be released that will address the issue. (I even backed them up, removed them from my Mac systems & updated them to the latest firmware using my Windows desktop, since no Mac tool for updating firmware was released.)

I love Corsair's products, and I wish to continue to do business with them. However, it seems likely that sending these drives which are still under warranty in for RMA would not improve my situation - Does Corsair's other solid state drives suffer from this problem was well? Such as the non-SandForce Nova or Performance series drives? Or the new SandForce controller drives such as the Force 3 series?

If so, would it even be possibly to get an RMA exchange for one of these solid state drives?

I picked up an Intel 320 series 80GB SSD to compare & I've experienced no issues with it. Its disappointing; I'd much rather purchase from Corsair.

Thank you for taking the time to read my concerns.
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