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Originally Posted by DevBiker View Post
Oh man. That sucks.

At this point, it's either the CPU or the motherboard. The best way to test is either a known-good CPU or a known-good motherboard. I doubt you have either laying around. BUT ... all you would need to check the motherboard would be a ~$40 Skylake Celeron. If that posts fine, then you know that your CPU is shot. If it doesn't, then it's likely the motherboard.

1.4V, especially for a short period, really shouldn't kill your CPU. Neither of the pictures really showed anything as an issue that I could see but ... if this started and you hadn't remounted the CPU, then the CPU is probably the issue - it's mounting the Intel CPUs that can damage motherboards; those pins are super-fine and easy to mess up.
So I was looking some things up on my train ride home, and realized that many people had issues with 5 LONG beeps on Gigabyte boards. Since gigabyte only publish error codes with short beeps, I was quick to assume that my beeps were "short". However, upon closer inspection, they are quite long. Similar to this video.

Looking online, it seems like a lot of people believe that 5 LONG beeps on a gigabyte board is a RAM problem (even though gigabyte doesn't publish this themselves). Maybe enabling the XMP profile caused a problem with the RAM and is causing the boot loop. In fact, if I remove the RAM from the motherboard completely, I get the same 5 LONG beeps!

Do you guys think that applying the XMP profile could have done something to my RAM? Is it possible that my system is currently "bricked" and stuck in an XMP mode, even though I reset the CMOS (multiple times). If I tried my new RAM (Corsair Vengeance LPX rated at 3000MHz), is there a good chance that it would work, or would I need RAM rated at 2133MHz for any chance of getting my computer to boot?
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