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Originally Posted by DevBiker View Post
Not really.
Here's what you need to do.
Shut down and open your computer. Look at the cables. Based on what you've said, you have the strips connected to the Lighting Node Pro (NoPro). You don't need the NoPro. Connect the strips to one of the LED channels on the Commander Pro (CoPro). Make a note of the channel that it's connected to. The other channel on the CoPro will be connected to the RGB Fan Hub and your fans will be connected to that in order (1-3). Disconnect the USB and power cable from the NoPro. You don't need it for your system.

From here, boot up. You may be better off, at this point, going with iCue as there are videos (linked in my signature) that show you exactly how to configure the Lighting Channels in iCue. Regardless, your next step is to configure the channels. You've done a screen shot of the screen in Link ... but somehow you reverted from the default (1 strip) to nothing. If you continue to use Link, that drop-down list box that says "disconnected" in your last screen shot ... click on that, drop it down and select the proper item (strip or LL fan) based on the channel. Once you do that, there will be a plus sign where you can add the number of fans or strips.

And read through the RGB FAQ in detail.
What fan hub are you talking about, I have my commander pro right now being used and that's all. The part labled "fans" on the commander pro is where I have my LL's connected.
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