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Correct. You can tuck them away for another day. The other option to bolt to the interior side of the radiator so you have ML-RGB on the front glass side and the grey ML-Quiet on the back. This is often referred to as "push-pull" or simply you have fans on both sides of the radiator. The dual sided set-up is better at forcing air through the radiator, particularly at lower speeds. The fast you go, the less it matters, but 6x120@800 rpm will put more air through the radiator than 3x120@800.

You do not need this for the cooling effect on the CPU. The normal 3x120 is more than enough for most everyone not using a 12+ core for number crunching. However, on the 570x where the front intake is usually your only supply of intake air, this can be done to try and increase the overall airflow into the case for other components. I generally advise people to go with the single set of 3x120 at first and see how things go. On a technical level, 6 fans have more inherent base noise than 3. Whether or not you hear it is another matter. If you absolutely hate taking the PC apart and find that aspect stressful, then maybe go ahead and put all six on now. It does create the need for another control header and likely a 3-way splitter for the ML-Quiet fans.

Remember the SP-RGB and the ML-RGB will each need their own separate 6 port RGB Lighting Hub. One in the case. Should be another in the ML-RGB 3 pack.
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