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Not really answering the question since it doesn't involve the CUE but since I simply hate the CAPS-LOCK I thought I'd share this neat trick anyway...

I use a registry hack that first turns off the CAPS-LOCK function, then defines it as function key F13 which I finally use as the PTT key in several chat clients (Discord, Ventrilo and Teamspeak at least). Can of course use it for whatever that can handle function keys.

I found this when I was looking for a way to get Ventrilo, I think, to work with the CAPS-LOCK key agains since some update ruined that. Windows has support for at least 16 function keys but most keyboars only got F1 to F12. It works with Windows 7 to 10 at least, and makes the CAPS-LOCK key finally useful :)

I found the info here:

If you're uncertain, please open the reg entry files and read them before applying them. You should always be sceptical about registry hacks (and other advice yoy find on the internet) that potentially can harm your computer.

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