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Default Void Wireless 7.1 - squeal or noise from left ear cup

Ok so I bought a White Void Wireless which I have now returned due to a squealing noise coming from the left ear cup. It sounded a little like a fax machine albeit very quiet and only noticeable when no audio was coming through the headset.

I tried various USB ports which made no difference. With the USB dongle disconnected the noise stopped. With the mic muted the noise also appeared to stop.

Otherwise I found the headset to be fantastic in pretty much every way. More comfortable than my SteelSeries Siberia and my Asus Cerberus, the 7.1 in my opinion sounds fantastic in World of Tanks, And music sounds very good in Stereo Mode.

So I plan to purchase a replacement but just want to know if anyone else has experienced this. I realise my description of the noise is subjective, but I've searched the forum and there have been complaints of buzzing from the left ear cup, but the noise i heard wasn't really a buzz.

So is this something I should expect? When gaming or listening to music the noise cannot be heard. But it bugged me as it sounded like interference. As the mic is connected to the left ear cup I figured it could be the cause.

Many thanks in advance!
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