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First off this machine is an engineering masterpiece. That alone pretty much sold me compared to getting or building some custom/generic build. You want custom, this is it.

Concerning bloatware, there isn't any in my opinion. Yes there are preloaded utilities plus other pieces of software that you will want regardless with this build in my opinion. Other than that there isn't any real bloatware. If you are wiping when you get this beast and then reinstalling windows you are seriously just wasting your time.

CPU does run hot and I HIGHLY recommend you look at my 7700K De-lidding posts prior.
This system runs it's CPU stressed at 92C and got her down to 82 just by repasting the chip Die to the IHS in the 7700K. A must, especially if you plan to overclock the CPU at all. I will not, I just want my system to run cooler and stable.

There should be no issues running this bad boy at 4K especially with the fact there is plenty of room to overclock the GPU in the 1080 to gain another 10-15 percent performance gains. You won't be doing 4K at 60FPS more like 25(very strong titles)-60(weaker titles) GTA5 is about 33FPS at 4K with the 1080. 1080P and 1440 you are good to go with whatever and where this card shines.

Not sure about 4K and Twitch all at once on this machine I don't stream.

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