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Default Performance - Gamin & AMD


So I've a Corsair One Pro 1080 [no ti :( ] on its way over to me and I'm curious from owners of the 1080 setup in terms of how they're finding it?

People seem to be doing system wipes on arrival, is there really that much bloatware?

I've actually purchased it with Destiny 2 in mind, and for twitch streaming. .... Thoughts? - These reports of CPU's running hot? Will it be an issue at 4k?

I know Twitch can take it out of a CPU like the i7... I was tempted by AMD Ryzen 7 and its multi core capabilities, especially with the new mini ITX motherboards on their way, will they fit into the Corsair One Pro case?

I know its a mini ITX MSI mobo in them at the moment, and I'm certainly not looking to swap the chipset out on arrival (although I do wonder if I need to do a full system wipe?)... But it would be cool to know if there'll be an AMD version? As I know the AMD's play nicely with the NVidia 1080 family to make a beast of a multitasker for the likes of Twitch streaming.

Hope this all makes sense! :)

P.S. Anybody 'hackintoshed' it yet? :o
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