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** news **

Got my M65 RGB pro today. Plugged it in and did surface calibration. And guess what happeend. Yep! Every time I reset thew mouse and circle it around on my mouse pad the lights go out! So this proves the issue is not the mouse hardware directly. Two different mice now do the exact same thing in my environment! I even upgraded the firmware on the new mouse to the latest version (wasn't at the latest rev when I booted up CUE).

A reboot of the computer does not stop this behavior for me so the issue with this is worse with the new mouse than the old one!!!! So ok Corsair support - ball is in your court now!! Please fix this issue. I've invested another $60 in your products. :-)

FWIW - the surface calibration does make mouse operate a little more smoothly, and I really like the new scroll wheel. Otherwise I'm not using nearly close to 12k DPI yet so can't report back on that benefit. But I needed another gaming mouse and I love this one's feel and so my main rig got the upgrade. But I so really realyl hope I can fix the lighting issue soon.

I'll continue to report back - my Alienware is due Thursday. And I'll test both devices on it. If it's something with CUE then I'll be able to recreate, and if it's something with my desktop rig setup then it will not occur.... Hope my efforts are worthwhile to some. (Including support!)

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