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Originally Posted by StealthGaming View Post
Sounds like the i7 5820k is creating a bottleneck with the GPU.

Most games to date don't take advantage of quad core > processors or hyper-threading. Unless you're doing heavy media coding or design work that requires multiple threads, stick with the i5 4690k. Sure the 5820k will dominate in benchmarks which means nothing when it comes to real world performance and gaming.

1. Most games are coded to use 2 - 4 threads at the most and usually only if you're playing Multi-player online.

2. What is most important will be the single core performance, the i5 4690k outperforms the i7 5820k when compared head to head.

3. FPS games rely heavily on GPU performance (install the GPU in the PCI-E 3.0 x16 slot for best performance).

4. Benchmarks mean nothing when it comes to real world performance and gaming.

The 5820k would not create a bottleneck with this configuration at all.

In an effort to inform users better, please add sources for your claims.
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