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Default Current status and SOME SOLUTIONS

EDIT: Lights have gone out after switching around profiles (even though saved to device memory. However this is a more rare occurrence )
Currently everything is working (I will update if lights go out)
A combination of things to try (do this in order until hopefully lighting issues eventually stop):
  • Make sure CUE and Mouse Firmware are latest version (Force update firmware on mouse via CUE)
  • Save mouse profile to device memory (as of current only the profiles saved to my M65 rgb stay on), also make sure that CUE Link is disabled (on the bottom left of CUE on the profiles tab)
  • Backup your profiles and uninstall CUE and remove all user settings, then run CCleaner. Now reinstall CUE.
  • In control panel make the following changes: go to power options > change plan settings (on what current plan you are using) > change advanced power settings > USB Settings > DISABLE usb selective suspend setting
    Another thing to try: Control Panel > Power Options > change what the power buttons do > Change settings that are currently unavailable > disable fast start-up
  • Change polling rate of mouse to 500 Hz (fiddle around with these settings. Currently mine is now working on 1000Hz)
Hope this will help someone at least get a temporary fix... If all else fails, try clearing the mouse drivers and rebooting. Hopefully Corsair can help us out...

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