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Arrow SIV controll of 1 x H100i

Originally Posted by poee View Post
If I want to use SIV to control my H100i, can I uninstall Corsair Link? Aside from firmware updates, what other things does CL do for the H100i that SIV does not handle?
Yes, SIV can easily control 1 x H100i. AFAIK the only things CL would do for a H100i that SIV would not are multiple profiles (I keep wondering if I should add these), use an excessive amount of CPU/memory resources and give .NET errors .

You can leave CL installed, just stop it starting when the system is booted. Have a look at for how to setup Task Scheduler to run SIV on start-up. I plan to eventually automate this with a revised [SIV Autorun] panel.

Remember for SIV to control CL hardware you MUST specify -CRLCTL on the command line and I recommend initially you also specify -SINGLE so only a single instance of SIV is can be active. I recommend you get the 5.02 Beta and use the new [SIV Qualifiers] panel so this is automated. See Note -AIOCTL and -CRLCTL are synonyms as SIV 5.02 also supports none Corsair hardware I am changing things to be less Corsair specific.

Before SIV can control you must use [Link Fans] to setup the profile and press [Save] to write it to the registry. Look at to see how a H100 was setup.

Give it a go and if you get stuck post the [Link Fans] screen shot and ask for clarification.

When I was running BOINC I added nVidia, but not AMD, GPU fan control to SIV so probably. I recommend getting the H100i control working well first though rather than doing everything at once.

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