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If I want to use SIV to control my H100i, can I uninstall Corsair Link? Aside from firmware updates, what other things does CL do for the H100i that SIV does not handle?

After a clean install of Win10 Pro x64 on my (formerly) Win7 PC, Corsair Link has been giving me nothing but problems. The latest version updated the firmware, but is otherwise behaving erratically (this is after I renamed the CL executable to work around Win10's incompatibility error).

I've gotten CL to start and I've configured it in Win10 to my liking, but it will only auto-start with a reboot about 20% of the time. (No rhyme or reason I can find.) Most often I have to manually start it no matter the setting "Run at Windows Startup" in CL Options, or tweaking the Task Scheduler entry to get it running with every logon as well as various scheduled start settings. I have no clue why it sometimes obeys these settings while most of the time it ignores them.

I only have one Corsair Link device (H100i).
[i7-4790K / Maximus VII Hero / 16GB DDR3-1866 / GTX 970 Strix / Seasonic X-850 PSU / 2 SSDs, 6 HDDs, (no RAID)]

I do not know if this is related in any way, but I'm having the same issue with Asus' GPUTweak as I have with CL (in that no matter the settings, it will only auto-start on reboot about 1 out of 5 times, if that). I used GPUTweak just to adjust the GPU's fan speed. The Asus STRIX GTX 970 doesn't spin up at all until it reaches 62C. I had GPUTweak set that fan spin-up at 15% at a threshold of 42C, which is still silent but everything runs a lot cooler.

Can SIV also control the fan speed curve on the GTX 970? I would love to be able to uninstall CL and GPUTweak and just use SIV if this is possible.

Do settings in CL take effect even when the CL application is not running? Is it only to be run to change settings or is there a purpose in keeping it running all the time? If uninstalled, will the H100i still operate properly? Will it change fan/pump speeds based on temp without CL installed? (I apologize for all the noob questions.)