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Originally Posted by CutMyThoat View Post
The people that maintain the FW-Upgrade-threads said that in the "TRIM not working 5.02"-thread ;)

Well, lets find out ourselfs (INTEL-SSD Toolbox):


Originally Posted by CutMyThoat View Post
Who said, that 5.03 fixed TRIM, have you verified that?

There is no changelog?

Intentionally they said not to release 5.03 because it does NOT address TRIM and wait for later releases 5.04.

Does it fix TRIM??

I can't agree to any congrats because they "feel" the drive is better now? What the f...

I think the AS SSD pictures are a little confusing. The device-driver seems not to be verified OK (green) on 5.02 and 5.03, plus AS SSD is not reliable. Test it tomorrow again and you have a higher aberration in general than the firmware disparity.

Why is there no changelog??? Do you need to fully internally qualify it before?
So you're saying by checking attribute 169 of one the SSDs affected by the pre-5.03 firmware, we will see a 0, meaning false, or TRIM not supported, right? A 1 in that data means true, and TRIM supported, correct? Or are you saying TRIM is working in 5.0.2?

If you check a standard HDD, as I did, attribute 169 was set to 0, as expected, a HDD does not support or use TRIM.

I also happen to own a non-Corsair SSD affected by this issue, that is still without a firmware update. Attribute 169 is set to 1 on that drive. Those attributes are not updated depending upon conditions or situations, they are static data describing a drive.

I don't see your point here.
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