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While the SandForce version 5 firmware issue is simple, some SSD owners here seem to be confused, and IMO all the details have not been documented in enough places, and some users have simply not read about it.

The issue: The base firmware version 5.0 from SandForce that is supplied to its customers (Corsair, etc) has broken TRIM functionality. For whatever reason, TRIM directives from an OS are not applied to SSDs using this firmware. That applies to any SSD manufactures products using SandForce 22xx controllers AND firmware version 5.0.

SandForce firmware version 5.0 is a completely new release/version that is not used by all SSD manufactures that use the SF 22xx controllers.

Prior to version 5.0, the base version of SF firmware for those controllers is version 3.0. That is still in use by some SSD manufactures, and was used by Corsair in the past, and possibly still used on some Corsair SSDs (I don't know every detail regarding the firmware Corsair provides currently for their SSDs with SandForce 22xx controllers.) The main point here is that some owners of Corsair SSDs with SandForce 22xx controllers do not have firmware 5.0 on their SSDs. Therefore, they don't have the problem of non-functioning TRIM with their SSDs. For those SSD owners, changing to firmware versions earlier than 5.0.3 would be a mistake.

A SSD without TRIM will usually suffer a decline in performance over time (variable and usage dependent), in its write speed. Read performance is generally unaffected by a lack of TRIM.

Corsair or other SSD manufactures did not "break" TRIM in firmware 5.0, LSI/SandForce did. IMO, that was a major fumble by SandForce, that Corsair, etc, then have the pleasure of dealing with unhappy customers. It seems incredible to me that SandForce missed this bug, but as we know, stuff happens.
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