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Question Intel 800fsb - 533mhz or 667mhz DDR2???

I've been checking every site I can possibly imagine and recomendations on 533 and 667 DDR2 are very contradicting. I work for a large retailer and all of our latest 'performance' systems still run the 533 DDR2 even though they are compatible with 667 and the price of 533 and 667 DDR2 of the same quality is nearly identical, Why?

I'm building a system consisting of:
Intel D820 - 2.8g 800fsb 1mb x 2 (Dual Core)
Intel D945PSNLK - 945 Chipset with support for DDR2 400, 533 and 667
ATI X800XL - 256mb PCI Express
Enermax EG495P - 485w Power Supply

This will be my primary gaming system , however I will not be overclocking and am just looking for the most reliable performance possible.

I'm considering
VS1GBKIT533D2 - Value Select 1gb Kit (2x512) 533-4-4-4
VS1GBKIT667D2 - Value Select 1gb Kit (2x512) 667-5-5-5
TWIN2X1024-4300C3 - TwinX Kit (2x512) 533-3-3-3
TWIN2X1024-5400C4 - TwinX Kit (2x512) 667-4-4-4

I understand the TwinX will obviously be a better choice than the Value Select, however will it be a noticable increase in performance? Also, what's more important ... the faster clock speed, or lower cas latency when comparing VS - VS or TwinX - TwinX
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