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Default K70 MK.2 Low Profile Rapidfire not recognized by iCUE 25%+ of the time.

Yeah, it did it again this morning, when the PC starts it doesn't recognize the keyboard and the profile isn't launched and the iCUE task-bar icon is a red circle with white exclamation mark and if you open iCUE it says that no Corsair keyboard is connected.

This is becoming a problem that is now happening on a weekly or more basis. The last time it happened was 5 days ago.

Restarting the PC doesn't resolve the problem (I just restarted it 3 times in a row and lost my entire previous Chrome session in the process, hence being pretty ****ing pissed and feeling the urge to write this here)

Only completely powering off the PC via PSU for 30 seconds resolves the issue (or physically disconnecting and reconnecting TWO USB cables, if I do this on a weekly basis I'm afraid of damaging the USB ports).

This makes for a 10 minute affair first thing in the morning? Yeah not happy.
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