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Originally Posted by DevBiker View Post

Yes, they'd be separate cables each going back to the PSU rail.

There are rare and unusual edge cases where multirail can cause problems. And some people insist. Some people also insist that the moon landing was faked and the earth is flat, too. But yeah, 99.95% of the time multi rail is the way to go. Because safety.
ah thats all great information, ill keep reading on the subject, I think ive found some info about how single rails are literally larger and can carry a higher intensity (amperes) if im right, thus, would make sense if say, on a multi rail mode a line can only handle so many amps and something is drawing more than it can, blowing it up (hyperbole), but i assume multi rail thingies are probably made so they will handle anything up to date

been a while i've been so curious to know how something works, not sure why.
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