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So ...
I know that there have been some issue with the RGB PRO on some AMD boards but, IIRC, it's the lower-end chipsets. I think you're good with an X470.

For the fans and strips, that'll fill up a Lighting Node Pro/Commander Pro. That's fine ... just so you are aware. Also, there is a 2-pack of strips on the Corsair side .... DO NOT GET THEM!! They are for the Commander Mini and won't work with the NoPro or CoPro. The strips you want will come in a 4 pack and you'll have an option of getting them with or without a NoPro.

As for the case ... Corsair certainly has cases that have RGB built in, even with a customized NoPro (Spec Omega RGB, for example). But if your heart is set on the EvolvX, you'd have to make or buy an adapter cable. In my signature is a link to a post with all of the part numbers and a video on how to crimp the Corsair connections. Or you can get an adapter here:
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