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Default huge problem with CUE

I've had corsair keyboard for like 1 year and few months.
basically every time CUE software was on, it was crashing my system. The animations were super slow, laggy, the whole software was extremely painful to use. Everytime this 'crash' would happen the 3 lights on the keyboard (scroll,num and caps lock) would stop working, you weren't able to turn them on. And everytime that crash would happen it would stop all my apps and software from working.. so like google chrome was not responding, steam was not responding, i wasnt able to restart my pc (only way to turn pc off was to hold the power button for 5 seconds).

I have contacted support, and after a month of trouble shooting they concluded that the only fix would be to RMA it. So I did, and i have literally just gotten the brand new keyboard and guess what... problem still occurs.

The problem ONLY occurs when CUE is on, because when the software freezes my pc i turn CUE off, disconnect and reconnect my keyboard and everything works fine again.

anyone knows what in the actual f*** is going on? I have literally never seen such a weird glitch all my life