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Originally Posted by desiatoo View Post
+1 for Linux!

1) Is it possible to connect the keyboard to a multi boot system, program the lighting scheme, macro and G-keys under Windows and than boot into Linux using the schemes that were programmed in Windows?

2) this thread is two years old now, and it doesn't look as if Corsair is developing Linux drivers for these keyboards. Are there other mechanical keyboards known that work with Linux?
#1. No. The majority of Gkeys output the same keycode on linux.
I have programmed the macros in windows and they do not work on Linux.
Using XEV in terminal, to capture the key output, most keys show as 248 No symbol - you could probably program those keys to do something, but then 90% of the gkeys will do the same thing.
Other Gkeys seem to share the same code as other keys on the keyboard. eg;
G17 = 172 XF86AudioPlay
G18 = 174 XF86AudioStop
G9 = Delete
The rest = 248 no symbol.
I did buy a cougar keyboard recently with Gkeys, and realised Corsair aren't that bad, the cougar keyboard locked up if I pressed one of the Gkeys, windows lock key, M keys or FN key, and the media keys didn't work.
I might pick up the K70 RGB in the future. I can live without the lock keys activating since everything else on the keyboard works.
It would be nice if Corsair put in some effort into Linux though.

This keyboard doesn't have any complex lighting schemes. It's either LOW, MED, HIGH or off. The lighting toggle button on the keyboard works fine with linux.

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